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I have sort of fallen into modeling, several times over the past two decades. As a teenager, a "talent scout" from a fancy "modeling agency" approached me at the mall and sold my parents (after hours of begging on my part) a series of "modeling classes" that would "likely" lead to bookings. I don't know if it was a scam or not - I took several classes and learned things like how to walk on a runway and how to do makeup for photo shoots and even the clothes to wear/bring with you as a model. We even took headshots and had them printed. I never booked anything, but I didn't ever really try. I will have to look and see if I can find those photos anywhere - they would be awesome to see today!

The second time, I was living in Portland, Oregon, after college and a bad breakup, and went to a fashion show that my friends were producing to show support. Backstage, the producer, my good friend's big sister, sized me up and asked if I would be comfortable wearing menswear and going out on the runway - one of their models had bailed last minute. I agreed but really didn't think much of it. They ended up putting me in two looks that night - and I had so much fun! All of that modeling class learning really paid off on the runway <wink>.

Most recently I randomly answered a facebook call out on a local wedding professionals group (my family owns a wedding/event space) for a couple to participate in a styled shoot. We had fun, so we did several more. And then several more. Here are a few highlights:

If you feel called to work with me, I would love to talk.
Please send me an email at

I currently accept paid photo work on a very limited basis.

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