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Blood, Sweat, & Blueberries (IYKYK)

The last 10 summers or so have passed in a blur of (some) tears, (a lot of) sweat, and (mostly) blueberries. I’ve spent almost all of my summer waking hours and lots of my should-be-sleeping hours hiring, training, cheerleading, overseeing, organizing, and becoming a family with what is turning out to be an awesome 2019 #TeamTVB at Tualatin Valley Blueberries 💙

My family owns and operates this business and I will be spending my ninth summer managing the daily operations here in the packing facility. ⁣

If you grew up with me or knew me in college, you might be surprised that I ended up here, working on the farm. This was never my plan nor my idea of what my future would hold. I didn’t think that this career path would be one that utilized my skills and interests but I’ve found that it does that and more! I have found real purpose working alongside my family members, even on the tough days. ⁣

I have learned so much working with my dad and all of his years of experience in the commercial packing and farming industries (and let’s be honest - pretty much everything else!); Never did I ever imagine that this farm I couldn’t wait to leave as a teenager could be the place I would find so much purpose and fulfillment as an adult. I take pride everyday in working as a critical part of our family business and growing our company for future generations. ⁣

All of this to say - if you’re open to what God has in store for you and lean on his wisdom and understanding (easier some days than others for sure!), it is my experience that you will almost always be surprised at the big things He leads you to and the hard things you are completely capable that you may have never considered.⁣

Here’s to unexpected paths and the funny places we find ourselves thriving. Here’s to doing the things we thought we never would (or could). And of course, here’s to another summer filled with millions and millions of pounds of blueberries 💙⁣ Originally written June 2019

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