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The Color Blue

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

There’s a blank page in my journal

I was never able to bring myself to write the details

of our final four days in Mexico together

We camped under the stars in a canyon and it was the quietest space I’ve ever been in

and when you fucked me on the tailgate of the truck,

the look in your eyes was intimate and tender and hot and it made things so intense

Your blue eyes were the same color of the sea that melted into the sky

the next night as we parked the truck under a palapa

and walked with the dog down along the water

We were walking together, and I confessed my gratitude

and told you that I would always remember this trip –

I cried looking out at the way you couldn’t tell where the sky met the sea

Days later, swimming in the mountain canyon hot spring pool

you turned your eyes on me and they were the same color as the water

and everything was sparkling and I felt like magic

The memory of the look in your eyes during those final days in the desert

together will warm my bones and send a chill down my spine

every time I see even a flash of the color blue.

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