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The Pain Is Temporary, Sweet Child

Your body writhes

in my arms

hot with pain

and frustration.

Arching your back,

you stretch away from me,

trying to get away

from the pain –

The terrible feeling of

the tender pearls

we can just barely see,

ripping through your

sweet, smooth baby gums,

unrelentingly and

without warning.

The look in your eyes

breaks my heart.

Why is this happening, Mama? You seem to be asking,

your eyes wide and

full of pain and confusion.

I wish I could make it stop.

The comforts I offer –

the breast

ice pack

cold cucumber

teething oil

only offer temporary relief

until once more,

a wave of pain

crashes over you.

I can’t help but wonder if

someday you’ll give birth.

Will your bellowing wails and tears today

as you bring forth your first set of teeth

echo these many years into the future

as you bring forth a child into the world?

I assure you tonight, as I will assure you then –

you can do this, darling.

This pain is temporary and


but it will end.

Ride the wave and

bring forth the fruit of your labor.

You can do this.

And while the pain consumes you,

remember that you are not alone.

Your experiences are shared

because you are a part of

me and

I am a part of you.

You will never be alone.

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