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What We Are About To Become

March 2022

Baja California

You make me feel things

at a depth that I didn’t expect to find

with someone new

so soon

so fucking soon

after the end of my marriage

It’s been something like nine weeks

and I feel things for you I didn’t feel

for my boyfriend of two years

for my husband of five years

For you I would do just about anything;

my feelings for you are strong and pure

and I know that you are my next chapter

even if you’re afraid to admit it

I know that you know it too

I see the look in your blue eyes

when you glance in my direction and

I’m looking straig

ht back at you

unafraid and filled with love

I know you see it in my eyes and

it can be startling to feel such pure love

but it’s real

Sometimes you flash me a quick smile

and sometimes you look away

but sometimes you keep your eyes locked on mine

and we stare;

sometimes when we kiss

we pause and just hold our lips against

one another’s lips without moving

and sometimes when you make eye contact with me

it feels like the earth stops spinning

and you and I are the only things alive

and in this moment

I cried looking at the sunset on the beach two nights ago

How fucking lucky are we to be alive

I asked you

and you looked at me in a way I hadn’t seen before –

like you really fucking saw me

and you weren’t afraid of my intensity,

passion, or the heart I wear so openly on my sleeve

Before we made love last night in the truck camper

I caressed your face and traced my fingers over your skin

for what felt like hours – memorizing every shape of you

with my fingertips

I’ll always remember this I said to you on the beach

I’ll always remember you my fingers promised in the moonlight

When you kissed me today, it felt different

Is he falling in love with you? Dan asked yesterday

I’m not sure I replied but I think the answer might be yes

You kissed me this morning and you held me in the tub

and the way it felt when we made love felt tender in a way that

makes me think you’re realizing who I am and what this is

and what we are about to become

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